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WaterPower Canada is the only pan-canadian Association representing almost 100% of the hydropower sector. As part of WaterPower Canada, members get exclusive access to the most important players and decision-makers in the industry. Explore the channels that connect all the moving parts of the waterpower industry in Canada and secure new and exciting business opportunities.

Get involved in policy work and help steer the course of the industry

Monitoring the pulse of federal policy evolution, WaterPower Canada often has advanced access and knowledge of upcoming changes and updates that affect the entire industry. Beyond that, by advocating on the industry’s behalf, the decision-makers are able to make more informed business decisions knowing what the future of our industry may hold.

Exploring new depths of research

As a member of WaterPower Canada, you get exclusive access to research, reports, surveys and data. This vital information allows the industry to prepare for the future knowing the risks and opportunities that lie ahead.

At the end of the day, we at ­­­­Hydro Québec know that if we want to see Canada’s energy goals met on target, we all need to work together. When you’re a member of WaterPower Canada, you’re a member of an association that is doing everything they can to advocate for the responsible development and use of hydropower in Canada.

Julie Boucher

Senior Director, Communications, Public and Government Affairs, Hydro Québec

At OPG we work with communities, policy makers and project partners every day and recognize the vital importance of transparent and timely communication. WaterPower Canada plays an important role in promoting the hydropower industry by developing educational and informative content that we can in turn share with our stakeholders and partners.

Mike Martelli

President, Renewable Generation, OPG

From the moment Stantec became a member of WaterPower Canada, we could tell that all of the staff and members were wholeheartedly dedicated to the success of the Canadian hydropower industry. Having the opportunity to network and collaborate with members from across the country who share the same vision and mission for Canada’s energy future is something that we truly value as members.

David Rupay

Business Center Sector Lead, Waterpower and Dams, Stantec

We have been a longstanding member of WaterPower Canada and have had to privilege to watch the organization grow and evolve in ways that have consistently benefited Manitoba Hydro as members.

Lorne Midford

Vice-President, Generation & Wholesale, Manitoba Hydro

Voith Hydro has been a proud longstanding supporter and member of Water Power Canada (WPC). WPC is the national voice of hydro in Canada and outside of Canada, WPC is the voice of hydro representing Canada. Hydro plays a vital and critical role in Canada’s future and WPC is at the forefront in helping to shape Canada’s future together with its proud members.

William Malus

Senior Vice President & Chief Sales Officer, Voith Hydro North America

When we’re able to sit down and engage in a conversation with members representing more than 95% of the hydropower capacity in Canada, that’s where BBA has seen first-hand how important our membership with WaterPower Canada is.

Jérôme Pelletier

Executive Director, Business Development, BBA

Through our membership in WaterPower Canada, BC Hydro receives monthly updates on significant projects, policy changes, and other impactful information which helps us make informed decisions in our work. WaterPower Canada links together hydropower industry players that span all across Canada. By being a member we benefit through knowing what is happening in other provinces and territories.

Richard Brittin

Director, Stations Field Operations, BC Hydro

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