Founded in 1998, WaterPower Canada (WPC) is the national, not-for-profit trade association dedicated to representing the waterpower industry. Its many members span the breadth of the sector and include hydropower producers, manufacturers, developers, engineering firms and other organizations. WaterPower Canada members represent more than 95% of the waterpower installed capacity in Canada, advocating for the responsible development and use of waterpower to meet our present and future electricity needs in a sustainable manner.

Waterpower provides more than 60% of Canada’s electricity and is the fourth largest generator in the world, ensuring our electricity grid is one of the cleanest globally.

Waterpower provides more than 60% of Canada’s electricity making us the fourth largest waterpower generator in the world, ensuring our electricity grid is one of the cleanest globally.

What We Do


  • Our role is to represent the industry nationally in front of elected officials, public servants, media and the general public. We gather industry data, develop statistics and lead research that highlight the role hydropower plays in Canada, promotes continuous improvement and engagement with our partners.
  • Acting as a unified voice monitoring the pulse of federal policy evolution and advocating on behalf of the industry, ensuring a better future for not only its members, but all Canadians.


  • Unmatched opportunities to network with all the largest hydropower producers in the country, independent power producers and private sector companies providing goods and services to the industry.
  • The WPC annual conference and trade show also provides an unparalleled opportunity to discover the state of hydropower development across Canada and to network with waterpower stakeholders and influencers.


  • Providing access to exclusive industry knowledge and sharing of information through activities carried out by our various committees.
  • Unlimited access to these committees, publications and network opportunities!
  • Since its inception in 1998, the Association has authored and lead the development of many reports and studies.

Areas of Focus


WaterPower Canada has developed our Statement of Reconciliation and Commitment to Indigenous Communities and Peoples in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Call to Action 92. The Statement affirms WaterPower Canada’s commitment to building new paths forward to achieve sustainable long-term relationships founded upon the shared values of recognition, respect, inclusion, and openness. The Statement, and the Action Plan to implement it, will evolve as we initiate new dialogues and journey along these paths forward.


Canadian hydropower not only ensures renewable and reliable electricity for Canadians, it can also provide environmental benefits. Hydropower produces no air pollutants and has ultra-low greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, hydropower’s full life cycle greenhouse gas emissions are as low as wind power and in many cases can be even lower. Hydropower can fight climate change while helping Canadians adapt to its effects.


6 out of 10 Canadian homes and businesses are powered by clean and renewable waterpower. In addition to the significant environmental benefits associated with hydroelectric power, the industry also generates substantial ongoing contributions to economic activity in the form of Gross Domestic Product and employment. Throughout its 130 year history in Canada, waterpower has helped develop remote regions, attracted industries, stimulated economic growth, nurtured innovation, and created world-class expertise. Hydropower has been and continues to be a driving force for Canada’s economy.


WaterPower Canada is very active at the national level, collaborating with other organizations, government agencies and policy makers to stay abreast of legislative changes affecting the industry and to ensure our sector can continue to operate its hydropower fleet and develop new sites.

Meet the Team

WaterPower Canada is a dynamic, national organization promoting waterpower as a clean and renewable electricity source. Learn more about the people behind WPC.

Gilbert Bennett


Yvonne Jack

Operations Director

Rebecca Leikin

Director of Events

Board of Directors

Founded in 1998, WaterPower Canada is membership-driven and operates under an elected representative Board of Directors. Meet the WaterPower senior experts who help guide WaterPower Canada:


Serge Abergel



Josée Guibord



Paul Séguin

Ontario Power Generation


Daniel Carrier

Andritz Hydro Canada Inc


Simon Gagne


Dave Bowen

Manitoba Hydro

Ian Dyck


Sylvia Gaidauskas

Voith Hydro Inc.

Daniel Granger

GE Renewable Energy Canada Inc

Stéphane Larouche

Rio Tinto

Mathieu Lemay


Cyril Penton

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro

Karen Popoff

BC Hydro

Christophe Rigny


Nicola Vaughan


François Vitez

BBA Inc.


The team is growing, check back for updates and available positions!

There are no open positions at this time.

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