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Manitoba Hydro International: Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building in Saudi Arabia

Working in Saudi Arabia for over five years, Manitoba Hydro International (MHI) has been assisting Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) to expand the overall knowledge and experience of local utility staff. As a wholly owned subsidiary of a renowned Canadian energy utility, Manitoba Hydro, MHI assists clients to deliver electricity and natural gas efficiently, effectively, and in a sustainable manner.

“Leveraging our international experience and parent utility’s methods, MHI’s focus in Saudi Arabia is to provide ongoing support, technical expertise, and uniformity to the local power industry,” says Dan Shiels (General Manager, MHI Saudi Arabian Branch).

In January 2010, MHI commenced its operations in Saudi Arabia, signing a three-year contract with SEC. Five years later, MHI has established a permanent Branch Office in Saudi Arabia, and employs 28 staff members and four Saudi Nationals.

“MHI works closely with SEC to provide customized services, sustainable results, and true value,” says Mr. Shiels. “We are committed to creating a lasting partnership with SEC and collaborating to achieve their desired outcomes.”

For nearly 30 years, MHI has provided utility management, consulting, and training services to over 75 countries. Working with SEC, MHI provides technical expertise for the operation and maintenance of the transmission system, with primary voltages of 100 kV and above. The power system in Saudi Arabia has an annual growth rate of 10 per cent and the peak demand in 2014 was approximately 54,000 MW.

“Providing quality knowledge transfer to local utility staff is the key to improved power system performance,” adds Mr. Shiels. “Our staff members use their utility-related expertise to help build the capacity of local workers and assist them to perform their work in a consistent manner.”

The majority of MHI staff is located in the capital city of Riyadh. MHI staff members working in Saudi Arabia have the opportunity to discover the mesmeric desert country, immerse themselves in Saudi culture, explore surrounding regions, and partake in interesting and challenging initiatives.

“Working in the Middle East is full of scenic and inspiring adventures,” says Mr. Shiels. “Our energetic team is able to meet remarkable people from all over the world, participate in challenging and rewarding work, and put their professional skills to good use.”

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