Canada Electricity Advisory Council releases final report

WaterPower Canada was pleased to contribute to Canada Electricity Advisory Council (CEAC’s) report:  Powering Canada: A blueprint for success. Published in May 2024, the report calls for clear, consistent policies to guide Canada’s electricity transition, empowering decision makers to drive the energy transition effectively, efficiently, and affordably.  

As highlighted in the report, Electricity is the key to Canada’s energy transition success. Currently, electricity represents approximately 20% of our country’s energy consumption. However, to meet Canada’s carbon and competitiveness goals, electricity will need to become our main energy source. For this to be achieved, “electricity’s market share will need to grow roughly 3x within a single generation.”  

To meet this unprecedented growth, Canada cannot delay action and must significantly expand its clean electricity infrastructure starting immediately. This expansion can only be achieved if policy makers take the required steps to attract capital, include Indigenous Nations and communities, and streamline review and approval processes across Canada. The economic and environmental well-being of our country is reliant on the prevalence of clean, affordable, and reliable energy.  

WPC supports the Council’s recommendations, including investment in infrastructure, reforming the review, approval, and permitting processes to expedite the delivery of projects, and establishing a framework to identify and financially support both generation and transmission projects.  

To read the report click here

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September 25-27, 2024 | The Westin Ottawa

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