Op-ed in the Policy Magazine: Clean Electricity—Key to Canada’s Climate Targets

Patrick Bateman, Francis Bradley, Michelle Branigan, John Gorman, Robert Hornung, and Elisa Obermann

May 12, 2021

Even as we navigate the pandemic, a new poll shows that most Canadians remain concerned about climate change – and they want clean electricity to be part of the solution.

Specifically, the poll by Abacus Data reveals that 94 percent of Canadians agree that transitioning to clean electricity – such as hydro, nuclear, wind, solar, biomass and marine energy resources – is key to climate action..

Abacus reports that 56 percent of Canadians “think a significant investment in clean energy sources should be made to replace fossil fuels with clean electricity in order to reach our net-zero emissions goals” by 2050.

The Abacus online survey of 2,000 Canadians, conducted March 12-17, found that “a large majority of Canadians,” 71 percent, “consider addressing climate change to be an important priority” although 61 percent acknowledged it might be treated as a “lower priority because of the pandemic.”

Electricity can lead the way to a clean energy future and help combat the climate crisis. Canada’s national electricity associations are on it. Here’s how:


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