International Water Power & Dam Construction Magazine: Canada’s Energy Future is Powered by Water

“Water is the lifeforce of humanity. For over 130 years, water has powered Canada from coast to coast – providing clean, renewable, affordable and abundant power for business, homes, technology, electric vehicles, and more. Today there are over 550 hydropower facilities across the country, powering over 60 per cent of Canada’s electricity needs.

“Energy transition is one of the most urgent and complex challenges on the path to Canada’s resilient economic future. Significant electricity expansion is central to its success. As the country grapples to meet net zero carbon emissions by 2035, hydropower producers are ready, with the knowledge, projects, and technology to tackle one of the most important issues of our time. Hydropower is an essentialplayer in enabling and fueling Canada’s clean energy transition….”

Read more on p.24:

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